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Academic Program for Latin America & the Caribbean

taurincuba-inline.jpgMSU offers an interdisciplinary major in Global and International Studies with a track in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as an interdisciplinary minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies.  With approval, courses taken during study abroad programs may satisfy requirements of the minor.  Both the major and the minor offer students language and cultural competence, academic knowledge of the region and intercultural communication skills.  For more information contact clacs(at)

We strongly encourage students in the major or minor to take advantage of the wide range of experiential learning opportunities offered by MSU in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Education abroad programs, internships, and mentored research provide opportunities to extend language capacity, develop intercultural communication skills and deepen students' knowledge of the region.  

List of MSU programs currently offered in Latin America and the Caribbean.  For more details or for programs offered in other academic years, visit the MSU Office for Study Abroad's program search.

For videos documenting MSU student experiences in the region, visit the Live, Learn, Latin America Student Experiences in LAC page.

To read about different student experiences, select a country:

Non-MSU opportunities in Latin America

For non-MSU opportunities in Latin America, see the page on externally offered global opportunities.  

Majors and Minors

Other colleges and departments at MSU offer majors or minors with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.  These include:


Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities


Global Studies in Social Science
Global Studies in Arts and Humanities