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Sponsors and Organizing Committee

Many thanks to the sponsors and volunteers who made Threads of Hope: Weaving Peace in Colombia possible.

Organizing Committee

Elvira Sanchez-Blake, associate professor, Department of Romance and Classical Studies

Galia Benitez, assistant professor, James Madison College

Emily Holley, associate director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Joy Whitten, program coordinator, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Joni Starr, assistant professor, Teacher Education

Leslie Johnson, program coordinator, Global Food Law Master's Program

Jasmin Alfonso, graduate student

Catalina Barraza, graduate student

Mary Ann Lugo, graduate student

Angie Vega, law student

Alejandra Uribe, law student

Laura Gualdron-Duarte, graduate student

Valeria Obando, undergraduate student

Quincy Kittle, undergraduate student

Betsy Borre, undergraduate student

Kenya Sanchez-Vicarte, undergraduate student

Casey Coop, undergraduate student

Amanda Charris, graduate student



Seeds for this symposium arose from 2015 US Fulbright Commission Scholar Awards to Elvira Sánchez-Blake and Robert W. Blake for projects entitled, Road to Peace: Nation and Gender Transformation in Colombia and Land Use, Cattle Systems and Community Livelihoods in Colombia.